Pledge to be a voice for the roofing industry!”

In order to bring clarity of purpose we’re asking each roofer or contractor and sponsor to conduct business in an ethical manner and commit to the Contractor’s Reformer Pledge as a qualification to join our vibrant UNITED community.  After taking the Pledge you become a “Reformer” of our industry, one who upholds our core values below, honors the commitment to perform professionally in character, conduct, and moral code as a Contractor.

I commit to:

Be a Voice. Promote unity within Roofers United and be a voice of reformation upholding the state of the roofing industry at large and linking arms with causes which align with our vision.

Maintain our Core Values. Integrity, Transparency, Servant-Leadership, Unity, Collaboration, and Empowerment are the values that shall make our community thrive.

Respect Relationships. Treat customers and vendors in a professional and timely manner. Protect the rights of your co-workers, subcontractors and those you work with. When you make a mistake own it, apologize, do what is right even if it comes with a cost.  Pray for a righteous outcome for your clients. 

Take Responsibility. Design, install and operate with purpose in a manner compatible with public health, safety, and environmental values. Employ or engage well-trained personnel. Offer and honor clear, understandable warranties that comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Strive to be safe on the job, drive with caution, and be respectful of others on the road. 

Provide Transparency. Educate clients with insurance scopes and advocate for them without undue influence. Abide to the law and intent of federal, state and local incentives and fairly represent the impact of such that may hinder or hurt our industry.

Garner Stewardship. Never work for free unless by charity, nor give away deductibles as this would erode the value of our industry.  Do good work for a profit but not at the cost of integrity being willing to walk away from a job if it is not compatible with your values or mission.

Live to Serve. Generosity creates a culture of unity and freedom and the thriving culture we desire. Do whatever it takes to get help the job done and then some. Create an extraordinary experience for your clients and loyalty is what you’ll earn.

Carry the Message. Uphold the good reputation of roofers worldwide, and spread the message to restore the roofing industry to wholeness. Be an active member of our community. It is our unbreakable Unity that will create the change we strive for.

Workplace Prayer

let's fight together

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