Considering Selling Your Roofing Business?

“Accelerate your Business Growth – Maximize your Exit Potential.”

Jeff Richfield kickstarted his roofing business, Music City Roofers, back on 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee.

He grew the best brand and the best culture day by day as a solo operator to having over 35 employees in excess of $10,000,000.00 in gross revenue a decade later.

“It took sheer drive, learning to fail well, and waking up morning by morning first hitting my knees before climbing a roof.”

Jeff and his son James were approached for acquisition in 2022 by multiple investment brokers, Wall Street bankers and family operators, none of which were the right match.

“Six months later the “right fit” buyer, Feazel Roofing, approached us who happened to be a Roofer owner where one of my top salesmen had worked years prior to working with us at Music City Roofers.

When we were invited up to meet at their headquarters in Ohio, James and I walked into their boardroom, looked each other in the eyes and we both knew these were the right-fit buyers for us…if they would meet our asking price.

Without much jostling they agreed to our number and we signed an LOI. We were off to the races.

Due diligence. Corporate visits. Proof of funds. 90 days later we had landed. We were finally home.

If you’re considering selling your roofing business you need strategy, preparation and someone who’s got your back.

Chose the right advisor. Ask Jeff

As my son, James, always quotes, “Opinion is always at the mercy of someone with experience.”

Call someone’s who’s been there and done it.

For expertise in mergers and acquisitions call Jeff today at 615.278.0663

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