Introducing Roof Coin

Get The Coin of Compassion!

Using blockchain in the roofing industry! Helping humanity by serving the homeless, the hungry & the hurting…

“Contractors of Compassion are Cause driven Contractors using our influence to impact the world.”


Roofs for the Homeless

As RX First Responders contractors provide disaster relief for victims providing shelter from severe elements of nature. Our mission is accomplished 3 fold:

  • Elite dry-in services including water mitigation, shrink-wrap or Tarp
  • Re-roofing, residential or commercial
  • Building custom tiny homes dropped onsite for the homeless.

Get your Roof-Coin today!

Get your own wallet here at Bitmart.com.
The coin is listed as "WSOW"

As a 501c3 ROOFERS UNITED, your $1000 monthly tax deductible donation gets you unlimited access to:

  • A community driven governance DAO to vote on contractors causes for the homeless, the hungry and the hurting.
  • An Echo friendly Environment that offers help within and keeps you informed where and when you can help the hurting by raise funds for disaster relief, roofers in recovery, and by empowering the roofing industry worldwide.


When you get the “Roofers Blueprint for Success”

  • $500 of your $1500 monthly mentoring will be transferred to “RX Seed Coin” – the Roofers Coin of Compassion, (the RU-Gold coin for short).
  • Roofers United will make your monthly deposit in the coin which remains yours ! (Carries a 1 year lock up). By investing in yourself you “keep your coin” and you get monthly statements of the market value. (You can also create your own account at Bitmart.com and show us your monthly deposit or we can make it for you. )
  • Your $500 per month stays with you as the Roof Coin listed as WSOW.

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